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Dental emergencies

At Trusted Dental, we understand the stress and frustration of a dental emergency, and as your local Ashmore and Benowa dentist we aim to see you on the day to help relieve the situation.

If it’s a fractured tooth or a painful tooth or anything in between, you can count on us. We are skilled and qualified to deal with the situation. It is important that you let us know as soon as possible. Ignoring the situation will often lead to more discomfort and complicated and costly treatments later. Sometimes it is even possible to treat the whole situation on the day.



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Some quick tips to help with dental emergencies:


A knocked-out tooth

  • Saving the tooth is secondary; your general well-being is much more important. If you or the person who is traumatized lost consciousness or are injured, call 000 straight away.
  • If bleeding is occurring, try to stop it by applying some pressure with a clean cloth.
  • Find your tooth. Don’t touch the root and never hold it by the root surface. Always try to hold it by the crown (the part that is visible in the mouth). Gently rinse it of any visible soil or debris under running water (if possible) without touching the root surface.
  • Time is crucial. If you can get to us within one hour, you have some chance of saving your tooth.
  • Keep the tooth in your mouth on the side of your cheek. Next best option is to keep it in milk. Use water as the last option.

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Emergency Dentist in Ashmore & Beonwa.

A painful tooth

  • Try to control the pain using painkillers that you usually take and not allergic to.
  • Book your dental visit as soon as possible. We will usually be able to get you out of pain on the first visit.
  • Significant swelling which is spreading needs urgent attention.

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A fractured tooth  Emergency Dentist Ashmore Benowa

  • The sooner the treatment starts the better, as the fracture may lead to toothache if not covered and protected in time.
  • Sometimes we may be able to reattach a fractured front tooth segment.
  • Try to avoid chewing on a fractured tooth or exposing it to hot and cold stimuli until you see your dentist.

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Emergency Dentist in Ashmore & Beonwa.

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