Bonded Resin Restorations (White Fillings)

Composite resin restorations (white fillings) are the most common type of direct fillings used these days and thanks to the advancements of technology they are better than ever.

Unlike old metal Amalgam restorations which relied on mechanical retention and often lead to cracks in teeth, these fillings directly glue to the teeth and provide some reinforcement. Composite resin restorations are the treatment of choice in small to some moderate teeth cavities.


Benefits of Composite resin restorations

    • Conservative tooth preparation means minimal sound tooth needs to be removed
    • Excellent color matching and cosmetic results
    • Direct glue to the tooth surface can reinforce the remaining structure to some extent


If you believe that you have a cavity in one or some of your teeth book an appointment at Trusted Dental today to address them as soon as possible to prevent loss of your tooth or complex more costly dental treatments in future.