Dental Crown – Ashmore, Gold Coast 

Dental crown restoration is a technique to restore a compromised tooth. Teeth with medium to large cavities, deep cracks, severely fractured or root treated are some of the main candidates for this treatment.

A Dental Crown is similar to a helmet and works like a brace. It holds the remaining tooth walls together while protecting it from unfavorable forces which can otherwise lead to tooth fracture. It can be constructed from different materials which all have their own advantages. At Trusted Dental we will actively involve you in your treatment plan so that we can choose the right material which will achieve your desired results for each unique situation.


Main benefits of a dental crown

  • Great cosmetic outcome in those demanding cosmetic areas with the right material selection

  • Strong material to provide the tooth with maximum protection under chewing forces

  • Reliable long-lasting results

  • Can restore severely broken and compromised teeth

  • Achieve good contacts with adjacent teeth to prevent food traps

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