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Why Choose Dental Implants?


Dental Implants are life-changing for people who have missing teeth, and for those whose teeth have been damaged and not restorable.


Dental Implants can provide you with the same chewing power as your natural teeth so that you can enjoy your food with no worries.


Dental Implants are designed to blend in with your existing teeth. Implants are the next best thing for real teeth that are now missing.

What is so special about dental implants?

Dental implants are the closest thing possible to natural teeth.

To replace missing teeth, they are the long-term solution. No more hard work and persistence with temporary measures, such as dentures, bridges, or partials.

Dental Implants work and feel just like real teeth. With an average lifespan of 20+ years, they are far and away the tooth replacement option of choice.

Consider the ordeal of being fitted with the lower quality and temporary solution of say dentures. These temporary replacement solutions, such as dentures are inconvenient, unstable and need frequent maintenance and repalcement.

The decision is easy. Dental Implants provide not only an ideal long-term solution, but also greater comfort and, in the end, far better value for your money.

A dental implant is made of three parts:
Implant fixture, abutment and the crown.
The implant fixture is engineered from titanium and is the foundation for the rest of the tooth.
It is surgically placed in the jawbone, which will over a period of 4 to 6 months heal around the dental implant .

Once the bone around the implant is healed, the abutment and the crown are placed on the top.

The result is a new tooth that looks just like its neighbours and a full beaming smile!

Your Dental Implant options

The dental implant technology and procedures at Trusted Dental are cutting edge. Your smile will return and oral functions will also take a pleasant upturn.


Missing just one tooth?

Your best option is a single dental implant crown.

This will:
• Look & work like a natural tooth
• Restore your natural chewing ability
• Preserve your bone
• Save you money in a long run

Missing several teeth?

A multi-implant bridge is ideal for filling medium-sized gaps in your smile.

These bridges are:
• A natural-looking replacement solution for multiple teeth
• Incredibly strong
• Great at preserving your bone
• A permanent solution

Missing all teeth in one or both jaws?

One of the best and most cost effective methods is called all-on-4. This option will:
• Provide you with adequate replacement of missing teeth in each jaw
• Restore your natural chewing ability
• Preserve your bone
• very cost effective compared to other methods


You can have a shiny new set of teeth in as little as one day. At Trusted Dental, we know that only beautiful, natural-looking, fully functional dental implants have the power to be life changing. Our dental implant procedure is completed to the highest standards in function, comfort, and aesthetics.

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Dr Omid Salar

Founder and Principal Dentist
Dr Omid Salar is the owner and principal dentist at Trusted Dental. He completed his dental education (Doctor of Dental Surgery) in 2005 and has been providing quality dentistry on the Gold Coast since 2010.
Omid is passionate about restoring function and aesthetics. He has performed hundreds of dental implant treatments and enjoys the fact that replacing missing teeth can be life changing for so many people. Dr Omid Salar is a proud member of Australian Dental Association.

Dr Dharsh Surendran

Associate Dentist
Dr Dharsh graduated from The University of Melbourne in 2007 with a Bachelor of Dental Science. He has been practicing in Brisbane since then and joined the team at Trusted Dental in 2021.

Dharsh takes care to make his patients feel as comfortable as possible, knowing full well from his own experience that seeing the dentist can sometimes be daunting. Dharsh has a strong interest in the evolution of dental technology and treatments, keeping himself up to date by continually attending courses. He is also a member of the Australian Dental Association.

With Dr Dharsh, patients receive individually tailored treatment plans. He also understands there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. He’ll happily answer any questions and discuss all the options.

Dr Ramy Saeed

Associate Dentist
Dr Saeed has been practising dentistry for more than 25 years in three different countries. Based on the Gold Cost since 2007, he has wide experience in all aspects of dentistry, including cosmetic dentistry, implants, veneers, crowns, and root canal therapy.

Ramy has great communication skills. He listens carefully to his patients, takes their individual needs into consideration, and tailors customised solutions that suit each patient. Dr Saeed stays up to date with the most advanced procedures and techniques and has excellent relationships with many dental specialists and dental laboratories.

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Trusted Dental’s clinic has been thoughtfully designed to make sure every dental treatment experience is a positive one.

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