The Story behind Trusted Dental


During 14 years of being a dentist, I kept hearing the same story from patients: sitting in that chair can be stressful! I completely understand; I feel the same way when I sit as a patient in that dental chair. So, for all these years I had just one goal in my mind:

to create a dental practice that provided my community with a great experience in a relaxed environment that felt like being at home and was something to look forward to.

I wanted to set new standards. The mission was clear. What I needed to do was simple. I needed to listen to what my patients expected and enjoyed the most – and then create it!

Over the years, I learned what people enjoyed:

  • Most importantly, a friendly and caring dental team whom they can trust and become friends with to make the dentistry a little more fun
  • A modern and relaxing reception area. (I understand, hearing dental instrument noises from treatment rooms is not very encouraging!)
  • Convenient car parking
  • Lift access to skip those steps if needed
  • Spacious rooms with high ceilings and plenty of natural light (especially for those with a slight tendency to claustrophobia)
  • A quiet room where you can discuss your personal dental needs in full privacy away from dental equipment


So, in 2016, I started my search. It took one year until I found this beautiful, small house sitting right in the middle of a family park in a great central location on the beautiful Gold Coast. It was a dream come true!

The initial plan was to renovate the old house, but as soon as I stepped inside, I knew that this was far from that vision and not what my patients had always wanted.

So my plans changed. I needed to start afresh and build that dream dental practice that my patients, co-workers and I would love to be.

Long story short: It took us 18 months to plan the building and design the practice layout and acquire the relevant permits.

All this time, I was fully involved, putting all the effort and love I could into the project with only one thing in mind: the vision, and what my patients expected of me – a practice that set new standards in patient care and experience.

And, yes, I had more than just a few sleepless nights.

But here we are today:

Trusted Dental is born, and it has not only achieved everything you asked for but exceeded expectations.

I would love to see you at Trusted Dental and hope that I can always deliver this vision to every single member of the Trusted Dental family.