Microscope Dentistry


Dentistry is all about precision and detail. When it comes to those moments when extra attention to tiny details is required a dental microscope will save the day and make a huge difference. This can simply be that fine line that leads to success of those sensitive treatments.

At Trusted Dental we utilize a dental microscope to make sure nothing is missed and to achieve maximum accuracy. After all, you can’t treat what you can’t see!

While normal dental magnifying loupes provide magnifications of typically 2.5- 5 times, the dental microscope can magnify more than 20 times!

The microscope can be used in many areas in dentistry. It’s application is mainly but not limited to  Root Canal Treatments, Indirect Dental restorations (Crown and veneers) etc.

At Trusted Dental our aim is to utilize the dental microscope more in our routine everyday dentistry in order to achieve the highest quality of care for our patients.