Dental Checkup & Clean

Our teeth are designed to serve us a lifetime – to help us enjoy the most entertaining moments of life, like the joy of our favorite meal or the impression we leave with that first smile!

Teeth are tough and strong but, like anything else in life, need some maintenance. Your oral hygiene combined with regular dental examination and cleans are the keys to keeping these great companions for life.

Reasons for Regular Preventive Check-up and Cleans

  • To keep the gums healthy by effectively removing tartar. If left, tartar can lead to gum disease and bone loss – and, ultimately, teeth loss.
  • To diagnose and promptly address dental problems before they become major problems and to prevent costly and extensive dental treatments in future.
  • To receive constant oral hygiene, dietary advice and a review of your oral hygiene routines to make sure you are on the right track.
  • To review oral soft tissues for early diagnosis and intervention with regard to any areas in question.


Back to the basics! Book a check-up appointment at Trusted Dental today to make sure we detect early, treat early and keep your teeth for life.