Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a replacement solution for missing teeth.

As the name suggests, it involves placing two crowns on the teeth next to the gap and having fixed artificial teeth attached to them. Not all teeth next to the gap are suitable candidates to hold a bridge, and many factors need to be considered when considering a dental bridge. However, when planned correctly, a bridge is a very reliable option which can provide many years of quality service.


The benefits of a bridge are:

  • It is a fixed solution
  • It is very reliable and strong to chew on
  • Great cosmetic results can be achieved, similar to natural teeth
  • It prevents adjacent teeth from tilting into the gap space
  • It prevents overgrowth of the tooth/teeth opposing the gap

Although there are many advantages to a bridge, it is not our treatment of choice when the teeth next to the gap are sound and not restored. A dental implant is generally the better option in those circumstances. Many different types of bridges exist for different situations.

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